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Meet The Inventor Of Orthaheel Orthotics

Phillip John Vasyli - was born and raised in Tweed Heads (NSW, Australia). In 1970 the Vasyli family moved to Sydney, where Phillip studied Podiatric Medicine at the School of Podiatry. In 1978 he graduated and started practicing in a number of clinics throughout Sydney. During his 16 years of medical practice Phillip Vasyli has treated over 50,000 patients!

A great deal of his time was spent treating young children as well as athletes . In addition to his busy medical practice Phillip undertook ground-breaking research in Lower Limb Biomechanics and orthotic treatment.
His first aim was to make orthotic treatment more affordable and accessible to people in need of pain relief and walking comfort. In 1979 an orthotic manufacturing company was founded and named ‘Australian Orthotic Laboratory’ (AOL). At first, the laboratory produced custom-made orthotics in the ‘traditional way’: rigid, plastic orthotics, hand-made from a plaster cast taken from the patient’s foot.
Although effective, ‘traditional’ orthotics can take weeks to produce and are often costly. To provide his patients with a more efficient, less expensive alternative Phillip invented a range of heat-moldable pre-fabricated orthotics which can be dispensed and customised on-the-spot without the need for any casting!
Today, thousands of medical practitioners around the world are using this unique invention and VASYLI heat-moldable orthotics are the leading medically dispensed orthotic in many countries.
In 1991 Phillip Vasyli invented the award-winning ORTHAHEEL orthotic (regular model) - the world's first and only true orthotic available without a doctor's prescription. Since its launch in 1991 an estimated 4 million people in Australia, England, Canada and New Zealand have purchased a pair of ORTHAHEEL and are now enjoying pain-free walking.