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Orthaheel - Solutions For Knee Pain (Patello-Femoral syndrome)

"I suffer from a sharp pain in the knee when walking up or down the stairs. This pain also occurs when I leave my car or get out of my chair. I wore a knee guard for several months which helped only slightly: however, the pain and crunching/clicking sensation returned..."

This type of knee pain is commonly caused by flattening of the foot's arch. Excess Pronation - or rolling over of the foot - causes the lower leg (the tibia & fibula) to rotate internally. In turn, this will put excessive forces on the knee cap and over time it will weaken the muscles and ligaments in the knee joint. Often, a 'grinding' sensation is experienced in the knee, combined with a sharp pain.

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By supporting the arches and re-aligning the lower limb, ORTHAHEEL stops the leg from rotating internally, thereby effectively taking away this common cause of knee pain.


Outside Knee & Hip Pain (Ilio-tibial band syndrome)

 A common condition in athletes caused by abnormal friction & rubbing of the Ilio-tibial band muscle over the knee & hip joints. This condition commonly exhibits a gradual but rather severe pain on the outside knee joint and less commonly on the outside hip section. Sometimes, simply walking up or down stairs may aggravate this condition. The pain usually subsides immediately upon rest but re-occurs with activity.

ORTHAHEEL controls the internal rotation of the shin bone (tibia) and furthermore the rotation on the knee & hip joint via the in-built 4 degree rearfoot varus wedge. Thereby, reducing stretching (tractional) and frictional forces on the Ilio-tibial band muscle. Stretching of the Ilio-tibial band muscle is advised. develop.

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