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"It seems to come on almost overnight. You get out of bed and get a sharp piercing pain in the center of the heel. After hobbling around for a few minutes the pain seems to disappear. After prolonged standing the pain comes back like a dull ache."

This is a common description by sufferers. Heel pain is usually caused by rolling over of the foot (Excess Pronation). As the foot pronates, the arch collapses and the muscles (plantar fascia) and supporting structure are forced to stretch and elongate. This puts traction and strain on the ligaments running from the heel to the toes. In turn, the heel bone 'responds' by developing a bony growth right in the center of the heel -
the 'heel spur'.

ORTHAHEEL is an orthotic shoe insert designed to align the foot and control body posture. By supporting the arches and re-aligning the lower limb to its natural angle, ORTHAHEEL reduces the traction and strain on the plantar fascia, taking away this common cause of heel pain.

In addition, ORTHAHEEL's PoronĀ® Shock dot in the center of the heel part of the product helps disperse shock, thereby providing extra relief.
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Over 2 million Americans suffer from heel pain each year and it is the most common foot problem treated by doctors. A study by the 'American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society' found that heel pain can be effectively treated with pre-made over-the-counter (OTC) devices, rather than expensive custom-made prescription orthotics. (read more about this important Study here...)
ORTHAHEEL... medical-grade relief at a retail price!
Now there's a simple, effective solution to heel pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.ORTHAHEEL is a flexible orthotic shoe insert invented by Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli to re-align the feet and ankles to their natural position and to correct your body posture. In turn, ORTHAHEEL provides natural, lasting relief and comfort from many aches & pains. This unique, patented medical device is the no. 1 Doctor-recommended pre-made orthotic and was awarded the Silver Medal in the Medical Category at the 21st Convention of New Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland.

ORTHAHEEL has helped hundreds of thousands people in the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand etc. Read some of the letters we received from customers who received relief from Heel Pain.

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