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“After walking and standing all day I get tired, aching feet. Often I experience pain under the arch of my foot - sometimes a burning sensation right under the ball of my foot"
This condition commonly occurs with women, however many men suffer from pain in the ball of the foot. Sometimes a callus develops in the center of the foot and footwear may wear out in a similar fashion.

It causes a burning sensation in the ball of the foot and can become very painful. Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) commonly occurs from rotation and dropping (plantarflexion) of the metatarsal bones along with excess pronation and weakening of the soft tissue (ligament & muscle) structures. ORTHAHEEL aligns the central three (3) metatarsal shafts using a built in 5mm met raise to correctly position and maintain the Metatarsal bone position. By balancing the weight distribution over the five (5) metatarsal bones, this helps remove excess weight & friction which commonly causes the callus and burning sensation.

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Ball of Foot Pain Type II
(Morton's Neuroma)

Commonly associated with Metatarsalgia (see previous condition), this condition is generally caused by entrapment of the interdigital nerve lying between the third and fourth metatarsal bones. Ball of Foot Pain (Morton’s Neuroma) exhibits similar symptoms to Metatarsalgia, but may also cause numbness, tingling and discoloration of the third and fourth (lesser) toes.

ORTHAHEEL may greatly assist in the early stages of Morton’s Neuroma when damage to the nerve sheath is minimal. ORTHAHEEL re-aligns the metatarsal shafts and prevents interdigital nerve jamming. Severe fibrosis of the interdigital nerve may require surgery. However, ORTHAHEEL may prevent further problems post-operatively.